Alright, my turn.

I woke up this morning with an outfit preplanned for the day. This allowed me to sleep in a bit more. Nice.

While I lay in bed I realized that I have a dinner tonight with potential future employers. I’d been planning all weekend to wear a suit today. I processed the outfit I’d picked out last night….I didn’t have a blazer that would go with the skirt. Plus, the shoes. The red shoes + black tights + pencil skirt were NOT going to cut it. Regroup.

Brown suit. Check. Clean shirt. (well, clean except that I wore it yesterday…) Check. It was then I realized that all the other essential pieces–tights, undershirt–were in the laundry. I started frantically pulling things out. Brown to go with the suit…would they notice that I used this as an undershirt to jog in? Pew! Yes! Where are those darn tights? After an explosion of laundry and a few solid sniff tests I found the pieces that would work. I put it all together and was out the door on time (so to speak). And for the most part I believe it looks okay. It wasn’t until I go to work that I noticed last week’s soup on the underside of my sleeve. Soiled!

I’m just hoping no one notices.

“Hi, you might remember me as the well-dressed stinky girl. Hows about a job?”


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  1. kittent

    I would have gone with the red shoes and pencil skirt anyhow. I’ll bet it looks good on you.

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