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thanks to wordie.net

thanks to wordie.net


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The Other KJ emails me today:

Not to be sacrilegious, …but, the thought came to my mind: “If Jesus was 2.0, would he be a twitter guy, facebook stud, or a blogger man?”

To which I responded:

Paaalease.  Jesus transcends time.  Of course he’s a 2.0 guy/God.

Let me get all Trinitarian on you here, but I think he’d come up with something that would wholly unite the three.  Like, a blog that also acted as a facebook page (perhaps linked through tabs) and streaming twitter updates.

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Another use of Zotero

Dear Non-Library Nerds,

You can stop reading now.


This Girl

I started using Zotero to manage my documents for class.  Although this bibliographic tool (it stores documents, allows you to add notes and tags, inserts citations into your Word document, and then builds a bibliography based upon the documents you use–all built seamlessly within the Firefox browser) is geared more toward the end-product of a research paper, I was thinking that it might be beneficial for class.  I spend a good portion of my time finding, printing, and then sorting through journal articles.  This semester I thought perhaps I’d try to read them from my computer screen (omystars I’m becoming a less tactile person?!  2.0!) and keep my comments in a Word document.  It still seemed a bit messy to me–too many steps, too many folders to create and sort through. Although there is probably a way the Word or Pages allows you to hyperlink remote files I was feeling too stubborn to find out.

So I turned to Zotero, who would allow me to “capture” the article, add notes, and retrieve articles by class date or keyword.  Brilliant.  I’ll just have to be sure to stay off Adium (or GoogleChat) and on task during class…

The only downside is that this is all hosted from within my Mac.  Meaning, if I’m away from my computer I’ll have to be sure to capture the articles and notes later.  Internet hosting verses isolated desktop hosting–an interesting conundrum that I’ve experienced both sides of recently.  But the RefWorks v. Zotero discussion is a topic for another day.


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I’ve been editing a podcast tour of the library for about a week now.  I’ll turn it in tomorrow for a grade.  But in the meantime, I’m really sick of listening to my voice.

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And now for something completely different

I had a phone interview with a documentary film producer yesterday.  She found me as a result of the BUST article a few months back.  We talked about Mary’s Virginity and my feelings on female priests.  I have to follow up the whole thing with an answer as to how Mary was “concieved without sin”–something I hadn’t yet thought to ask myself.  It has resulted in my head stuck in the Catechism.

In short, the interview went well and I’m considering whether I want to follow it up with a camera interview…who knows what it’ll lead to.

And you’re right, I haven’t been updating much lately.  Nor have I been reading your blogs.  I have a lot to say, but it just isn’t coming out.  I’m also attempting to figure out what I’ve been doing to fill the time I’d normally be a social-network butterfly…and to be honest I don’t have an answer.  I’m not really very sure what I’ve been doing and where I’ve been.

But it is nearly spring.  Nearly.  And I’m almost ready to come out of hibernation.

Half-marathon count-down: 6 days.

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with or without you

In class yesterday the professor was discussing the upcoming midterm–giving specifics as to length, etc, and easing people’s apprehensiveness.  For the laptop users in the class, she is allowing the use of a word-processor as long as we promise not to search the internet during the exam.

I raised my hand and asked if one decided to use the bluebook, would points be deduct for misspellings?  I realized in the middle of my question how stupid it sounded–of course points will be taken off.  You’re in graduate school, idiot.  And, although she nicely affirmed my stupidity, and I realized that I’d become one of those I-can’t-take-an-exam-unless-you-tell-me-every-detail students that I do not so much adore.

The thing is that I don’t feel my statement completely unfounded.  Although my professor is pretty darn tech savvy (much greater than me, actually) I felt it was a testament to our generation gap.  I’ve been writing my papers since seventh grade on the computer, which means for the last 11 years I’ve been using spell check.  Meaning, when I have to write things out I do NOT know how to spell and my vocabulary greatly decreases.  I’ve come to rely on those red squiggly lines under words and Google’s, “did you mean ____” function.  Is this bad?  Yes.  It is.  But is it reality?  Yes.  It is.

I was also a poor speller before the use of computers.  Although my spelling hasn’t so much improved at least I can get around it.  In the case of the exam, I would much rather hand write my responses, but acknowledge that using my laptop would give me (and the rest of the computer users) a significant advantage.  My point is that sure, it isn’t so great that I’d be lost without spell-check, but spell-check isn’t going anywhere.  It is a part of who we are and our culture–a fact we cannot deny or fight.  It wasn’t so much that I was asking about the nitty-gritty of the exam, I was asking if I would be taking a significant loss if I decided to take the exam without my left arm (an extremity that I don’t necessary need, but certainly use–it just so happens I’m right-handed anyhow).  Because, well, like the very library users I’m trying to teach, we use it because it has always been there.  Can we be looked down upon it for not functioning well without it?


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I got a little excited

Well.  I think it’s cool.



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