Pick me up. I’ve landed.

I’ve been going through the box from the “London Semester” program in the archives. It has been around since 1971 and has allowed 8-25 students a semester abroad focusing on British Culture, visiting sites from famous books, and a research project of their own.

Going though folder after folder reading transcripts, tutorials, and correspondence between the director and the school has been fascinating. Did you know that people once communicated by MAIL?!

It has caused me to find myself back in Belgium again. I actually had a moment where I stepped outside into the crisp fall air, stone buildings shading my walk, in which I forgot that I was a graduate student living in America. My bike. The beer. The churches. The seminarians.  De Werf.  The chocolate.  Het sigh.


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  1. transubstantial

    last night mairead and I had pasta and tomato sauce as a quick and cheap meal and I told her about that one time we were in rome and had beaker over for dinner but didn’t have a corkscrew (also how we stretched the meaning of al dente so we could eat faster, she looked marginally worried that I was cooking her dinner).

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