Libraries are more than just books

I’m in my Intro to LIS course and we’re discussing Library 2.0. Sitting here with my Mac and shaking my head in agreement as we discuss communities, tagging, facebook, flikr, blogs, etc.

Library school has made me realize how much techi-er I am than I ever thought.  Few other people in my class could recite the wireless hotspots in town.  I had to defend the usability of google documents and the point of an everyman’s blog.  In a group project we’re collaborating on a paper and I suggested using google documents–I had no idea how difficult it would end up being.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind being a teacher, but I just assumed that people using email would find google documents intuitive.   Part of it is frustrating because I’m not being challenged, but part of me finds it terribly exciting.


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