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Things I missed out on in life: Catholic Schooling.

I was finishing up the communial rosary this morning when all the second graders from the Catholic School started coming in single-file to the church.  This happens periodcally so I didn’t think much of it…until I realized they were all dressed up as their favorite saint.

There was Therese and Divine Mercy and Mary and Catherine and Michael and Moses (holy Moses!)–all no taller than 4 feet and, I couldn’t stop giggling!  It was so frigg’n cool.  Forget all this pray’n: do you see how cute these mini saints are!?!?!

I never dressed up as a saint for Halloween/ All Saints Day.

Things I missed out on in life: Catholic Schooling.



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Vodka anyone?

As it turns out, I’m leaving the country in a week. I didn’t really realize it until…yesterday?

I’m going to Poland for 7 days. The trip looks like this so far:
Meet Liz in Warsaw. After a few days go to Krakow. Fly back to Warsaw. Fly home.

Thats it. Those are my plans.
I haven’t been thinking about anything specific until this morning when I realized that I should probably consider transferring money to the correct account, gathering my passport, sending out hostel & flight details to family, learning Polish, and…everything else. Now I remember why I’d put off thinking about it for so long.

+John Paul the Great, pray for us!


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Today should have been an Iron & Wine kinna day

If you work in my office this morning just so happen to have the unfortunate thought of “ooooh What did the cat dragged in?” the answer to this pondering would be, me!

When I left the apartment around 6:15 this morning, trudging my way across town on foot to get to mass, it was lightly raining.  Luckily I’d remembered an umbrella.  About a block away from my place there was a loud crack of thunder and suddenly the skies opened and it rain.  A lot.  For a long time.

When I finally arrived at church my skirt was completely soaked, as was my bag and flip flops and the sleeves of my dress.  I sat in the back in the dark so as to avoid anyone seeing me–or through my lightly colored attire, for that matter.

By the time I left it was bright and sunny and only the puddles gave any indication as to the fact that it had been raining.  In fact, I would bet that most people didn’t even know that my town had nearly been swept away in the flooding earlier that morning.  I imagined that the churchladies and the passeres by were wondering,  “Who would wear wet clothes?” “Did that girl go through a carwash?”

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And worst of all, no one here thinks I’m funny

I’m in a class called Storytelling, which is, in fact, a class that teaches students to be better storytellers.  Although I took it with the desire for a more light-hearted summer course I admit that I’m really enjoying it.

This week we’ve been working on family and personal stories.  Although I feel that I’ve got some pretty good zingers, I realized that making them universal for all audiences will be a bit of a struggle.  So many of my stories are funnier when you know something about what it means to be Catholic–and for any person that needs me to define “cassock” or “adoration” or “offer-it-up” I feel that the meaning would be lost in translation.

Welp.  There goes all my good ones.

But I’m going to tell you anyway.  We were doing exercises in class and had to draw a number of squares.  We would label each square with a trait or characteristic (optimist, black sheep, jack-of-all-trades, ect) and we were then asked to fill in each box with someone in our family that fit the description.  “Remember,” the teacher reminded us, “‘family’ can be defined however you wish.  So, as traits like “the rock,” “persistent,” “eccentric” came up, I started filling in the names of saints while laughing to myself.

And really, even if I would try to explain it I don’ t think anyone else would have found it humorous.

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Mary, I’m so glad I’m Thine.

Last Thursday Sandy and I (and all our faithful friends) managed to move our belongings into a new apartment.  We’re still getting used the the space (and continue to unpack…me more than her) and find the abode to be endlessly quirky but somehow quite wonderful.  This morning I studied and ate a scone on the back porch.  This evening I’m listening to a street that doesn’t sleep until about 3am (okay, so that part gets to me, but again, the place is quirky).

I was on hiatus all of last week in PA visiting Melanie and sitting in class learning out the importance of groaning in prayer, the eternal love bomb, The Truman Show, and that its ALL nuptials.  Want to know more?  Just ask…I’ll see if I can do the Word justice.  It is always interesting to me how small the Catholic world is.  A friend from the Rebuild by Church project was there, as were 2 women from Monsignor Uncle Dan’s parish, and the boyfriend of some beautiful woman named Therese Kinsley.

I returned to an empty apartment (aside from all the boxes that joyfully await(ed) being unpacked) and a bed that Sandy had made.  I had intended to sleep on the couch (again) but she’d put the frame together and put sheets on, knowing that I’d be more than exhausted when I got home.  She was right.

There is much to say, but sleep awaits me.  It would be nice to make it through tomorrow without coffee.

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Light up, Light up, As if you had the Choice

Whether or not the Council becomes a positive force in the history of the Church depends only indirectly on texts and organization; the crucial question is whether there are individuals- saints- who, by their personal willingness, which cannot be forced, are ready to effect something new and living.  The ultimate decision about the historical significance of Vatican Council II depends whether or not there are individuals prepared to experience in themselves the drama of the separation of the wheat from the cockle and thus to give to the whole the singleness of meaning that it cannot gain from words alone.

p. 377
Principles of Catholic Theology: Building Stones for a Fundamental Theology
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

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The Other KJ emails me today:

Not to be sacrilegious, …but, the thought came to my mind: “If Jesus was 2.0, would he be a twitter guy, facebook stud, or a blogger man?”

To which I responded:

Paaalease.  Jesus transcends time.  Of course he’s a 2.0 guy/God.

Let me get all Trinitarian on you here, but I think he’d come up with something that would wholly unite the three.  Like, a blog that also acted as a facebook page (perhaps linked through tabs) and streaming twitter updates.

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