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Library Blues

Some time in the middle of the past summer I had a phone interview with a big-shot new england university library.  They were in the middle of opening an Information Commons (a bookless library for you non-library types) and were hiring a recent graduate to head the department.  They were looking for someone energetic and computer & web savvy.   I was so excited to have the opportunity just to talk to them (they’re that cool)–let alone get an interview.

I studied their school and memorized my CV for hours.  And when the interview came I totally bombed it.  I sounded like a broken record, repeating the same concept no matter how many different ways they phrased their questions.

And I knew when I hung up that it was the last time I’d hear from them.

Disappointed in myself, I held my chin high and laughed it off and remembered that “God always has a plan.”

And really, God came through.  I’ve got this amazing position that keeps me plenty busy.  Although “Library 2.0” certainly wasn’t in my job description, I’m implementing what I know, and have great confidence in what I’m doing here.  This job also kept us close to both of my families and made planning a wedding the slightest bit easier because I didn’t have to do it from across the country.  I certainly don’t envy my friend who aren’t able to talk their mom into coming to lunch with them when they’re having a bad day–a slightly more difficult endeavor when it involves a plane flight.

But something has been haunting me about this the last few days.  I would have been great at that hot-shot library.  I have so much to offer.  I would have been a rock-star adjunct at their Library School.  I ached to move across the country and start a new adventure.

I’m just not sure how to let it go.

And so it goes.



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Mary, I’m so glad I’m Thine.

Last Thursday Sandy and I (and all our faithful friends) managed to move our belongings into a new apartment.  We’re still getting used the the space (and continue to unpack…me more than her) and find the abode to be endlessly quirky but somehow quite wonderful.  This morning I studied and ate a scone on the back porch.  This evening I’m listening to a street that doesn’t sleep until about 3am (okay, so that part gets to me, but again, the place is quirky).

I was on hiatus all of last week in PA visiting Melanie and sitting in class learning out the importance of groaning in prayer, the eternal love bomb, The Truman Show, and that its ALL nuptials.  Want to know more?  Just ask…I’ll see if I can do the Word justice.  It is always interesting to me how small the Catholic world is.  A friend from the Rebuild by Church project was there, as were 2 women from Monsignor Uncle Dan’s parish, and the boyfriend of some beautiful woman named Therese Kinsley.

I returned to an empty apartment (aside from all the boxes that joyfully await(ed) being unpacked) and a bed that Sandy had made.  I had intended to sleep on the couch (again) but she’d put the frame together and put sheets on, knowing that I’d be more than exhausted when I got home.  She was right.

There is much to say, but sleep awaits me.  It would be nice to make it through tomorrow without coffee.

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garage sale

We were actually on our way to a wedding.  By no means were we early.  But somehow, on that crisp Saturday afternoon the GARAGE SALE sign caught our attention.  Check the clock.  Would there be time?  “I think we can make it.  The just is just down the street.”  “We’ll have to be quick,” he responded, “Let’s go.”
I turned the car into the neighborhood with great conviction as if we’d made a life-altering pact.  I parked a few houses away and we stepped out onto the sidewalk in our Sunday-best to hit up the sale of other people’s belonging.  Oh the irony.

He found a suede wool-lined coat and I found a light-blue H&M trench.  Both were in good condition.  I bargained and we walked away having spent only $10 for the set.  And then.  I saw the toaster oven.  A little dirty but works great! $2.  I stopped dead in my path.  I NEED a toaster-oven.  And it wasn’t even a “it’s only two dollars which necessitates a need” need.  Having just moved into a new apartment I actually NEEDED a toaster oven.

The garage-sale matron told me that she was having a hard time parting with it, as she’d had it for years.  Being that a new one showed up on their wedding registry she was being forced to sell it.

A sob story!  Two dollars!  I’m in!

We were late, of course.  And $12 poorer.  But the stop increase our morale and still makes me infinitely happy.

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The conclusion of the Divine Mercy Chaplet

I always tend to think of you at the same spot during my drive.  It is the part where the highways seem to bleed into each other–beginning and ending and intertwining.  If one wasn’t watching the road signs you’d end up completely lost.  And even though I think of you as I drive under the bridge, into the narrowing lanes, and emerge on the home stretch, you would not remember any of it because you were asleep.  I was so proud of myself for navigating the roadways without your assistance, getting us both home safely–exhausted, but safe.

It was a good night.  And a peaceful memory.  And it makes me so glad to have you as my friend.

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The debate goes on

After taking a media economics course a few years ago, and perhaps also spurned by the movie You’ve Got Mail, I have become a person who tries to avoid corporate giants as best I can.  I try to support local industry and shy away from chains that haven’t done anything special to win me over (ie, customer service, superior advertising).  I would much rather give my money to a local store where people offer a service in exchange for goods.  It is their job to keep the business running as a result of their ability to provide answers, personality, and expertise in the field. Yes, big business strives for such things as well–but I want someone to serve me when I enter their store because it is their store, not a corporation’s.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’m an expert.  I’m not even all that educated on the subject.  But I try.  And for the most part, I am willing to pay for the extra time someone spends with me.  Because I think that their business is of value and if we aren’t willing to pay than the corporations will win out every time with their discount prices.

But spending money at Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Menards, etc isn’t just less expensive; it is more comfortable.  The reason we continue to return to chains is because we know what to expect.  From the layout of the store to the type of employee we will encounter, it is the same across the board.  We can often research the prices online and know what we’re getting ourselves into before we get there (or, order online).  Heck, we can even find coupons and promotional discounts.  With local business there is a bit of a fear.  Will I feel obligated to buy when I get there?  Will they have what I need?  What if they won’t make my special drink?

Being that I’ve just moved and am having to discover places to shop on my own this has been a huge debate in my head lately.  I desperately wanted to find a mechanic I could count on for the next few years I was told flat-out over the phone, “Look Miss, if you’re looking for cheap, this isn’t it.”  And, admittedly, when you’re going to spend a few hundred dollars on repairs, you are looking for cheap.  But more than anything I wanted someone I could trust.  I ended up going to Car-X just because it was easier and I knew what to expect up front.  Plus I found coupons online.  I went to a bike store yesterday to acquire a head- and (butt) tail-light only to find that they were about 50% more expensive than I had expected.  I probably would have bought them regardless if someone had simply come over to help me.  But I stood there aghast for about 5 minutes and then left, convinced that the must not have wanted my business.  Of course, when I found them online they were a much cozier fit within my price range.

Erica: I’ve started taking my own bags to the store.  I am also considering using only cloth napkins.

“No.  I am in the book business.  You are nothing but a suit.

You’ve Got Mail, Kathleen Kelly


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Where am I going and why am I in this handbasket?

I went to my new school today to finish handing in forms and clear up the massive amounts of confusion I’ve been experiencing with financial aid. Afterward I found the university bookstore and went in, as I always to, to write down ISBN numbers before running home to buy the books. It was strange entering the lone bookstore on campus that contained only a few aisles.

It was standing there in front of the shelves that I realized I had no idea where I was. I mean, buying books is all so familiar, but I was no longer at the University of Illinois. I was somewhere completely new–somewhere totally unfamiliar. It was in this moment that I nearly cried. It was Sandy’s first day of school today. I wondered what she was doing, how she was feeling, in school…but yet in a place that neither of us consider home. Until now my existence at this school could manifest itself only in paperwork…something about buying books made it a complete reality.


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He Runs!

Welp.  I made it.  2:24:22 official time.

What a rush.  Who ever thought that I would run?

Spent the evening with fellow runners (of Team Monocle) eating pasta and going to bed early.  There was rain at 4:20 when we woke up…make me awfully nervous, but it cleared up by the time we left.

Kristin and I checked our bags and went to our starting point just as the race began, which gave us no time to be nervous.  Five miles in I left her to use the McCormick Place bathroom, which was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, seeing how there were few porta-potties to be found along the way.  (And by few, I mean 3 for 12,000 runners).  I didn’t walk except to drink water and I sprinted through the finish line.  2 Rosaries and 2 Divine Mercy chaplets later I made stopped running.

Why do I run?  Because I can, really.  No better answer.  I love the solitude.  I love that I did it.  I love that I never thought such a thing was possible.

By the way.  This week has been INTENSE.  No wonder I’m so tired.
I moved.
I registered for classes.
Witnessed the wedding of one of my dearest friends.
Had a photo shoot for a national publication.
Bought grand things at IKEA.
Got a new job.
Ran 13.1 miles.
Rocked so hard it hurt.

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