Library Blues

Some time in the middle of the past summer I had a phone interview with a big-shot new england university library.  They were in the middle of opening an Information Commons (a bookless library for you non-library types) and were hiring a recent graduate to head the department.  They were looking for someone energetic and computer & web savvy.   I was so excited to have the opportunity just to talk to them (they’re that cool)–let alone get an interview.

I studied their school and memorized my CV for hours.  And when the interview came I totally bombed it.  I sounded like a broken record, repeating the same concept no matter how many different ways they phrased their questions.

And I knew when I hung up that it was the last time I’d hear from them.

Disappointed in myself, I held my chin high and laughed it off and remembered that “God always has a plan.”

And really, God came through.  I’ve got this amazing position that keeps me plenty busy.  Although “Library 2.0” certainly wasn’t in my job description, I’m implementing what I know, and have great confidence in what I’m doing here.  This job also kept us close to both of my families and made planning a wedding the slightest bit easier because I didn’t have to do it from across the country.  I certainly don’t envy my friend who aren’t able to talk their mom into coming to lunch with them when they’re having a bad day–a slightly more difficult endeavor when it involves a plane flight.

But something has been haunting me about this the last few days.  I would have been great at that hot-shot library.  I have so much to offer.  I would have been a rock-star adjunct at their Library School.  I ached to move across the country and start a new adventure.

I’m just not sure how to let it go.

And so it goes.



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6 responses to “Library Blues

  1. phampants

    Patience. Your time will come.

    I’m aching to move far away too, but I know that now is not the time. One day. But today, I’m going to live my life to the fullest where I’m at right now.

  2. transubstantial

    I get what you’re saying about new adventures.

    also, this baby and I could come to lunch sometime. we don’t mind driving.

  3. carlyslp

    Can I interest you in lunch sometime not during the week?

    And you’re not allowed to move far away because I have a big bag full of muffin tops in my freezer with your name on it (literally).

  4. paul parkinson

    What you need to realize (we all do) is that you are great at your current hot-shot library and you are a rock star at Dekalb…..

  5. you and i both know that God works his magic in a way only he understands.

    the plan is set before us, it is ours to follow – not create.

    this i know from moving across the country for a library job.


  6. Hope you’re still enjoying the job and the journey.

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