Please refrain from reading between the lines

I’ve been working on finding a job like its my job.  Last week when attempting to apply for a position at a small Christian school I was asked to answer additional application questions concerning my teaching methodology and ability to serve the school’s mission.

What motivates you to teach at a liberal arts college? What positive qualities do you have to offer students as a teacher and a mentor?

I thought I was be’n all sophisticated when I pulled together this answer:

I desire to share my excitement for learning with students through my own enthusiasm for librarianship.  Information should be accessible to students for their own pursuits and is the first step to a liberal arts education:  I have worked for this through applications of Library2.0 and teaching metaphors applicable to daily life.  I am to provide students tools, skills, and goals that make research accessible.  From a personal perspective, a liberal arts education holds great value.  Although I hold a Bachelors of Science, it was important to me to learn as much I could from numerous disciplines: my undergraduate college courses focused on media trends, but I voluntarily took classes concerning American authors, feminism and popular culture, floral arrangements, modern Catholic thought, and sexual ethics.   I often draw on this vast array of knowledge while at the reference desk, preparing lessons, or simply discussing politics with friends.  I could certainly discuss the library or media history at length, but the antidotes I picked up from Ginsberg and Burroughs are what make me feel like I can contribute something beyond myself and speak more to society in which I take part.

It wasn’t until later long after I’d submitted the response, that I thought about it again. Let me highlight these words: feminism. popular culture. sexual ethics. Ginsberg.  Burroughs.

Withing 1,200 words I’d managed to make myself sound like a flaming liberal who revels in the work of gay Beat authors above all other American authors.

Need I remind you about the school?: Small. Christian. Conservative.

Well, shit.  I hope they like diversity.



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8 responses to “Please refrain from reading between the lines

  1. phampants

    Oh those liberal Catholics ruining the world! tsk tsk

  2. paul

    Whether they like liberals or not, they’re bound to like you, the rest of us do…..

  3. David

    Don’t be afraid to be yourself. There’s nothing worse than misrepresenting yourself, only to find you really dislike being your “interview” self at work all day. Trust me, I’ve been there. 🙂

  4. Carly

    You know how much I love you, but all I can do is laugh right now. Too funny. : )

    A related comment: Nice answer to the question. I wish now that the answers I submit to those things weren’t full of such BS….

  5. Rosie

    Thanks for making me laugh! I’m sure God has just the right job for you…

  6. Bahahaha!

    “Well, shit. I hope they like diversity.”

  7. did you give up blogging for Lent?… or have you betrayed us all…

  8. Adrienne

    I think you meant “anecdotes”, not “antidotes”.

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