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Laughing in the face of anger

We have decided to forgo paying a cable bill and have instead invested in NetFlix.  And are taking full advantage of its services.  (An aside, having evenings without plans is awesome).

Last week Transformers 2 arrived and I agreed to partake.  Heck, this cool girl played with (and broke–sorry Chris) her share of Autobots back in the day.  I was digg’n it, despite the overly sexy girlfriend and bizarre college scenes.  But then, somewhere around 90 minutes into the movie (just as I thought it was ending) the protagonists were magically transported to Sahara Desert and continued on fighting…for another hour.  My favorite part was when the leader of the Decepticons (read: bad robots) finally yelled “Begin our assault!”

Wait.  What have the last 120 minutes been about? I thought the assault had already begun…

It was about this point I went to bed.  And, admittedly, in a bit of a gruff.  I couldn’t believe we’d wasted all night with that movie.

When it was finally over Joe went to the kitchen to began the dishes.  I was still a bit peeved.  But as the water ran and he stood over the sink I could hear him, in a deep rolling voice, telling the platters and bowls that he was Optimus Prime and was going to save the world.



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To preface: I am now married.  I am married to Joe.  It is likely that henceforth his name will appear in further entries.


Over the past four years I had slowly cut down on my meat intake, to the point where I realized I was only eating chicken breasts and lean turkey once or twice a week.  It wasn’t anything intentional–but after years of thinking under the guise of Weight Watchers, I no longer found the place in my food consumption for red meat.

This past weekend Joe and I headed to Costco for a leisurely Saturday of shopping in bulk.  We left with 8 pounds of ground beef and 2 pork loins.  I’d planned out this week’s menu, so we also had to make a stop at a grocery store for breakfast sausage, panchetta, and 5 pounds of chicken.  Stocking it into the fridge I realized I have never owned so much meat in my life.  The whole bottom shelf was full!

Mind you, it will take us many months to eat all that beef (thank goodness), as I’ve frozen most of it, but saw it as a testament of how marriage changes things.  Including diets.

And I hate to admit it, but I’m enjoying all the meat intake more than I had ever intended.

Dear Waistline,
Stay put.
Mrs. White


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