when the fun runs out the books step in

On Sunday morning. long before the sun had awoken, the Foeges (including Baby), Mr. White, and I piled into the car and headed south of I-80 toward Missouri (pronounced Miss-OR-e, not miz-ER-e).  Karen had unexpectedly flown home from Ecuador for the week (there was a funeral to attend) and Sunday was an ideal opportunity to make the escapade in her direction.

Arriving at lunchtime, we were greeted with hugs and a table set for 12.  A lunch of homemade bread, vegetables from the garden, and cobbler commensed.  The afternoon gave time for tea and chatting and a long walk in the cold.

Despite the grief of the family, I felt so welcome.  And so very content.  So very content.

We left by 9am on Monday, returning to Chicago and all that was put on hold while we were gone.  I told Karen that it was better we couldn’t stay longer, because there was a very good chance I wouldn’t have left.  “There isn’t much to do in this town,” she told me.  But we both agreed that’s where books take over.

Thanks to you all.  It was a blessing to share such a difficult and happy time.


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  1. Family and friends – what would we be without them, hmm?

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