Weather to the extreeeeeeeeme

I got out of 6:30 am mass this morning and while bundling up with an additional (and necessary) 5 layers I looked across the street at my parked car.  Is…that….a flat tire?


So that’s why my car has felt so sluggish these past 24 hours.  I had assumed it was just the extreme temperatures.  Oh, I was so wrong.

Things I learned before 8am today:

  1. If you’ve driven on a flat for this long, surely it will make it to the gas station.
  2. The surrounding area doesn’t actually have any gas stations.
  3. I still. hate. paying 75cents for air.
  4. People tend to knock those annoying snow-gunk build-ups off their cars for purposes greater than vanity.  As it turns out, they become ice.  And hinder the turning radius of the car.
  5. The nice ice scraper that Dad just bought you is just that–an ice SCRAPER.  Not an ice pick or chisel.  It WILL break when you hit it against things.
  6. Those chunks of snow all over the road are no longer chunks of snow.  In extreme temperatures they do, in fact, form blocks of ice.  Don’t run them over.
  7. Blue Max makes everything better.


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5 responses to “Weather to the extreeeeeeeeme

  1. KJ


    That’s a rough morning. At least Blue Max saved the day!

  2. phampants

    note to self, when i get a flat tire (i’m well overdue) i will definitely reference this post.

    smile Katharine. =)

  3. Kara


    Looking forward to experiencing more “Katharine adventures” reaaaaalllly soon =)

  4. Thank goodness for Blue Max.

  5. How about the arctic chill we had last week? Wow!

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