I like it here.

A few days ago Stephanie asked me, “what in your life are you happy about.  Right now?”

The question–so simple, yet so deeply complicated–caught me off-guard.  And of course I didn’t have an immidate answer.  I’m in one of those “so close but not yet” stages: awaiting the end of the semester (stress…) and a completely different type of schedule next semester (joy!), quitting my job (sad) but will soon have more time (awesome!), Christmas is coming and there is giddy anticipation, mom&dad are moving but in the meantime there is much work to be done, someday soon I’m going to have to start thinking about finding a job (which is exciting, but endlessly tiring).  The list could go on and on.

“My apartment,” I answered.  Such a lame thing to find happiness in.  But it is consistent.  And home.  And decorated the way I like.  I’m getting ready to start this period of my life all over again, but at least I have a home….for now.  And someone there who is willing to wait for me to eat dinner.

Also.  Design*Sponge makes me happy.


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4 responses to “I like it here.

  1. I think your home, your apartment, is a very important thing to be happy about. It’s where you spend your leisure, it’s where you sleep, where you eat, where you wake up. It’s an integral part of your life, and if you weren’t happy about it, then you probably couldn’t ever feel comfy at all, and that wouldn’t be good.

  2. Paul

    How wonderfully right brained of you!

  3. So I have been super lame and haven’t been reading your blog at all since last semester. But I’m finally back.

  4. Hey, loving your apartment makes sense to me. Way better than the alternative.

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