Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte

Early-morning text message to Kyle:
If you’re going to stop for caffeine, could you get me something?  Whatever you get, with skim milk.

When he arrived in class he hands me a white cup with a green logo.  “This isn’t skim.  You need it.  All that running and stuff.”

Crap.  I never get anything other than non-fat.  Hold the whip cream.

It was delicious.  🙂



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5 responses to “Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte

  1. caffeinerd

    Mmm Pumpkin Spice. I love Espresso Royale here, but Starbucks makes the better Pumpkin latte, by far.

  2. KJ

    Seriously – you’re way too skinny 🙂
    Plus it’s winter – everyone needs a little extra to stay warm…

  3. Yumm, coffee in the winter is always so so so good.

  4. ExMi

    sometimes, just sometimes, people deserve a little treat…

  5. Carly

    Sometimes I want to completely disregard my medium skim sugar-free almond cappuccino and just go with the pumpkin latte. *sigh* I have yet to work up the guts to change. I do love a pumpkin latte, though….

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