all kinds of delicious

The best part about Maria cookies is that the packaging doesn’t have nutritional information.

Some three years after Stephanie brought them from Spain, I’m still hooked.

They go great with tea.



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4 responses to “all kinds of delicious

  1. Teehee, there’s a wikipedia article on a cookie, that’s so great! I love tea/coffee dipping cookies.

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  3. thosewhocantdoteach

    I thought you should know… I never have to worry about my maria cookies disappearing from our pantry because AA thinks they make him nauseous. While I don’t see how that is possible, I do appreciate how he never tries to eat them anymore… so I decided to let it go.

  4. transubstantial

    they have maria cookies in ecuador. I took it as a sign that I´d make it through the year ok.

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