Smoke on the water, fire in the sky

If you too were stuck in ruthless traffic on 90/94 today, we were right there with you.  Also, if you looked to the right shoulder and saw a white car blocking traffic and thought, “man, that sucks!” let me assure you, it really was not so great.

It seems that I have bad luck with my car and retreats.  Last time I went away I was stalled outside Alton, IL and had to return to the convent for the night.  (just when I thought I’d escaped!…)  This weekend Sandy and I were on our way home from Indiana when amid the stress of Chicago traffic, my car started smoking.  Crap.  I had to forcefully get from the left-most lane to the right “shoulder.”  There was moisture everywhere under the hood.  Crap.  Call my dad?  Nope.  He’s out the the country.  Called Aaron, who, from the other side of the country assured me that it was coolant, not oil.   As we discussed where it was dripping and how much and as my shortness of breath began to subside a car of boys pulled up who were eager to help.  They were Canadian and “didn’t have anything better to do.”  Thanks to Aaron’s help I was able to logically explain what the problem was, and before I was even half-way through they found a hose that had burst.

“Got any electrical tape?”

Heck yes I do!”

They taped it over while I refilled the coolant resevour (thank goodness I’m well stocked on supplies).  All the while cars and semis creeped past us…inching their way toward the city.

After a considerable amount of time an additional car stopped in front of the Canadian one.  It was 2 women who, while driving past said out loud, “man, that is unfortunate,” and then recognized us as fellow retreat particpants.  So they stopped to help.  Praise God.

The Canadian boys would not accept my American money.  I wish I could tell you that they drove off into the distance with the laud that they deserve, but they ended up creeping into traffic with the rest of Chicago, and the women followed us home.  “Don’t drive too fast,” the boys warned. “Don’t worry!”  I said…there wasn’t much of an opportunity to.

Dear Jesus,
Your multiple accounts of causing my car to stop working aren’t funny.
We’re still friends, right?


This Girl



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2 responses to “Smoke on the water, fire in the sky

  1. If we got together to tell stories about our old cars, we would be an absolute riot.

    We should totally do that sometime. No one would believe us.

  2. Ironically, not long after reading this, my car started to yell at me that it was out of coolant. I should fix that, I don’t anticipate any Canadians coming to my rescue. Not after the Toronto incident…

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