Things I missed out on in life: Catholic Schooling.

I was finishing up the communial rosary this morning when all the second graders from the Catholic School started coming in single-file to the church.  This happens periodcally so I didn’t think much of it…until I realized they were all dressed up as their favorite saint.

There was Therese and Divine Mercy and Mary and Catherine and Michael and Moses (holy Moses!)–all no taller than 4 feet and, I couldn’t stop giggling!  It was so frigg’n cool.  Forget all this pray’n: do you see how cute these mini saints are!?!?!

I never dressed up as a saint for Halloween/ All Saints Day.

Things I missed out on in life: Catholic Schooling.



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3 responses to “Things I missed out on in life: Catholic Schooling.

  1. Service Team + FOCUS threw an All Saints party at the Rectory last year. Image inf you will, A very pregnant Sr. Sarah, aka St. Elizabeth, and Fr. Luke as St. Therese…

  2. alexandra810

    oh sweetie, anyone who went to catholic school just chuckled reading this entry (if they didn’t spew coffee).
    I started in public school and I was so jealous of those lovely little plaid uniforms – I wanted one and I wanted to be one of those girls so very bad. Then, when I was one – I realized, while the uniforms were wonderful (most of the other girls disagreed so maybe I was weird about that). On the other hand, being picked up by your ear by a nun who was 5′-2″ tall max — not so much.

  3. transubstantial

    other couple costumes: Sts Perpetua and Felicity? St Theresa of Avila and St John of the Cross? I think we could make this work.

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