I’m at home in the routine

I’m on a suburban retreat for the weekend–hiding out in my parents’ house and joining their in their normal routine: dinner out Friday night (to bed by 9pm sharp), errands Saturday, sunrise mass, breakfast at the “Star”,  Sunday night pizza and a movie.  It is a routine I have grown to love and won’t let them stray from when I come home.  They always complain that they’re being lame by going to bed so early…but I secretly revel in the routine.

Today they finalized an offer for a new home.  Perhaps my feelings will change on moving day, but my mom was surprised when I said that I didn’t have much of an emotional attachment to the present home–despite the fact that I’ve lived here since I was eight.  That means birthday parties, sleep overs, prom pictures, and the majority of my Christmases have occurred under this roof.

But, I know that home is where the dinner table is–as long as they’re there with the bottle of wine and we’re all asleep before SNL comes on.



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4 responses to “I’m at home in the routine

  1. Paul

    This is interesting. I’ve been contemplating what Amy and I might do when I retire (way too far away to be thinking about this now!) and moving away from Macon is one of the thoughts (depends on where, if at all, are the grandkids). I’ve been wonder about Cali and Max’s attachment. I think your comments and their attitudes toward Macon tell me not to worry about that issue…..

  2. slightlyignorant

    There’s something relaxing and just so comforting about joining in these family routines. It sounds so comfy and sweet, what you and your family do on weekends!

  3. slightlyignorant

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