Melissa only liked them green

In Belgium there are about 4 different types of garbage cans.  After we had to get rid of our backyard chickens due to the looming bird flu, the house actually had to start using the small green-ish garbage bag for compost materials.  It was always rather gross to be around, and worse to be the one who’s job was to take it our for the week.  Flies usually hung out a lot in that corner of the kitchen.

Drew, dressed in overly-warn thrift store pajama bottoms and hemp flip-flops,  went to throw out the remnants of his toast one morning when he noticed a banana.  It was seemingly unharmed and unguarded, lying on the top of the heap in the green-ish trash bag.  He looked around.  No one else was in the kitchen.  He bent over from the waist and picked up the banana gently with his thumb and index finger, careful not to touch anything else in the bag.  He held it up, inspected it.  Nothing unusual…just a bright yellow banana with a few small brown spots.  He peeled it and took a bite.

“Hun?”  Sara Rae said.  “Did you just eat that banana from the garbage?”
“It was totally fine.  And its got its own natural wrapper!”  He showed her the half-eaten fruit.  “See.  Still good.”


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