We’re much older and in highschool, REal LiFE!!

I did, indeed, drive to school today. 

I’ve been doing my best to ride my bike (his name is Brett.  Brett Bretterson) whenever possible but today I agonized over the decision of riding or driving.

I drove yesterday–as it was raining before I left the house…and continued to rain when I returned.  But this morning I had no excuse.  Perhaps it was the chill in the air, or the yet-dark morning, or the looming clouds–but I made up my mind to drive the 2 miles.

I broke my own rule.  And agonized about whether I’d done the right thing the whole way to work.  The decision has been made.  Get over it, loser.

It is decisions like these that make me realize that I really am an adult.  Not because mom didn’t pack my lunch and wave me out the door–but because I often have to take action on things that affect only me.  Should I leave before or after rush hour?  Should I buy a salad or bring left-overs?  Should I run this morning?  Is it really not okay to have ice cream for dinner?

I have no one to discuss such things with, and what kills me is the length I spend pondering each of these should-be split second decisions.  I miss video games. I miss my mom.



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6 responses to “We’re much older and in highschool, REal LiFE!!

  1. transubstantial

    you can find me in the reference section!

    real world decisions are scary. I try to not do them (though now I´m living an exceedingly intentional life where every decision requires extreme thought, so I guess I´ve failed).

  2. Paul

    When are you going to decide to tell us about Poland?

  3. dude. Who says you should stop playing video games?

  4. Don’t ever grow up.

  5. It’s totally okay to eat ice cream for dinner. At least… I think so:

  6. reading this made me feel like i’m soo not an adult. if i’m hungry… “hey, travis, what should i eat?” if i’m bored… “cathy, i’m bored… what’s there to do?” “ice cream for dinner?… i’m lactose intolerant… and YES!” and i still get mad if i’m at work too late because it’s cutting into my bar or video game time…

    i guess i’ll enjoy it while it lasts. i probably don’t have much time left.

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