Please don’t take my metal

It was a week day.  Board daylight.  The landlord was downstairs, likely in his office, getting ready to close up shop for the night.  I can tell when he’s still around because his car is still in the parking lot out behind our place, which consists of a row of spots that empties into an alley.

A man, appearing to be of Mexican origin, wearing baggy jeans and a tight white sleeveless shirt began walking through the parking lot toward the building.  I watched him from my second story with curiosity.  He didn’t look like the type that might want to purchase something downstairs.  Perhaps he was visiting the guy next door?  After he disappeared below he didn’t come up the stairs, and after a few moments I saw him walking away from the building carrying the spare gutters and the metal ice bucket that had been sitting on the back porch.  He casually begins walking out through the parking lot when my land lord runs outside.

The two converse.  Voices are raised.  There is some pointing at the weird house behind us.  The man returns the metal and leaves the property.  I saw him later walking around with an actual shirt on.

Sometime (often, actually) I see trucks driving around with scrap metal thrown into the extended truck bed.  I assume that this is some sort of money making venture that suburbanites such as myself have never before encountered.

City.  You is crazy.



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5 responses to “Please don’t take my metal

  1. phampants

    but you live in the burbs.

  2. Paul Parkinson

    There is a story in today’s USA Today about the junk metal business. Maybe something you should look into….they may make more than librarians.

  3. maschinenbau

    I love junkers. They are not only in cities anymore. I see them cruising as far out as Naperville.
    Be kind to junkers – leave your scrap metal outside of the dumpsters for them.

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  5. Dayna

    We (in the construction business) like to call them vultures. They frequented my job site quite often, but the electricians were good at cleaning up scrap metal. Copper is over a buck a pound these days at the scrap yards… we were recycling scraps of downspout (aluminum) and they were gone faster than you could imagine (you know it’s bad when they’re cleaning out stuff I’ve already been through for scrap metal… I’m a big fan of taking my copper in…) anyway, I’m pretty sure they drive crappy trucks for two reasons a) because it’s going to get more beat up when they throw stuff in it, and b) you feel sorry for them. I’ve heard they make a killing, and I can only imagine- I had my tiburon loaded up with copper wire one time and made over $200- just off scraps of wire that I was able to get my hands on before the electricians… I don’t go as far as taking it out of other people’s garbages, I leave that to the true vultures…

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