Watch: “watch out”. Warning: “one has been spotted”.

A little known fact about this girl: when I was little I was deathly afraid of storms. I remember spending a lot of time hiding out with mom and dad and Chris in our unfinished basement and I’m still unsure if it was because it stormed a lot when we were young, or because it was the only thing that could keep me sane during rain.

Yesterday, during a Scrubsfest, the sirens began to sound to alert our little town that tornadoes were eminent. Now, I’m an adult and all, and I’m over that whole deathly-afraid -of-storms thing, but there is still this eeriness that looms. It makes my heart beat fast and my breathing become short. Normally I’d stand outside and watch as the clouds made their way toward us, but being in a new place and having heard that sightings had occurred in towns within 10 miles we decided to descend to the basement. Sandy could tell I was nervous.

Knowing that the rain was to hit us a few minutes after 8pm we shut the windows, and JUST as it started to downpour we made our way to the laundry room…a super creepy place in the underbelly of our building. Halfway down the stairs I worried about the possibility of the lights going out–which would leave us in the creepy basement in the dark. “Should we get a flashlight?” “No,” Sandy said. “Keep going!”

So, we spent the next half-hour chatting with friends from the washing machines. Luckily the power didn’t go out…because then we also would have been without a wireless signal. This was the result.

Hiding from the storms!
Luckily, we are still alive.


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5 responses to “Watch: “watch out”. Warning: “one has been spotted”.

  1. maschinenbau

    I brought up to Steph last night the question: “why is it that storms are scary?”
    +1 noticing the eeriness that looms

  2. I hid in the basement hallway by myself… ditto on the scariness.

    But at least this storm didn’t knock out half the technology in the library like last year.

    worst. month. ever.

  3. I’m glad you found a basement. I on the other hand was on Boughton Road the whole time.

    Also, that face may be scarier than the storm.

  4. Paul Parkinson

    I saw a report about this on the Weather channel. An new word was added to my vocabulary. What happened in Chicago that night was a “derecho”. As far as I’m concerned, you made weather history!

  5. phampants

    of all the years i lived in chicago, i only heard the sirens 3x. the only time i didn’t hear one, i spotted (and recorded) a funnel cloud.

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