Today should have been an Iron & Wine kinna day

If you work in my office this morning just so happen to have the unfortunate thought of “ooooh What did the cat dragged in?” the answer to this pondering would be, me!

When I left the apartment around 6:15 this morning, trudging my way across town on foot to get to mass, it was lightly raining.  Luckily I’d remembered an umbrella.  About a block away from my place there was a loud crack of thunder and suddenly the skies opened and it rain.  A lot.  For a long time.

When I finally arrived at church my skirt was completely soaked, as was my bag and flip flops and the sleeves of my dress.  I sat in the back in the dark so as to avoid anyone seeing me–or through my lightly colored attire, for that matter.

By the time I left it was bright and sunny and only the puddles gave any indication as to the fact that it had been raining.  In fact, I would bet that most people didn’t even know that my town had nearly been swept away in the flooding earlier that morning.  I imagined that the churchladies and the passeres by were wondering,  “Who would wear wet clothes?” “Did that girl go through a carwash?”


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