Light up, Light up, As if you had the Choice

Whether or not the Council becomes a positive force in the history of the Church depends only indirectly on texts and organization; the crucial question is whether there are individuals- saints- who, by their personal willingness, which cannot be forced, are ready to effect something new and living.  The ultimate decision about the historical significance of Vatican Council II depends whether or not there are individuals prepared to experience in themselves the drama of the separation of the wheat from the cockle and thus to give to the whole the singleness of meaning that it cannot gain from words alone.

p. 377
Principles of Catholic Theology: Building Stones for a Fundamental Theology
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger


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One response to “Light up, Light up, As if you had the Choice

  1. Paul

    As a traditional catholic (though for a long time around my college days I wasn’t—practicing anyway) I miss a lot of the pre-Vatican II stuff. There is something to be said for the contamplative effect of a latin mass. So I guess in some respects, I’m cockle.

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