Food for Less, Twice the Experience

I have discovered a new grocery store, thanks to my friend Tracy.  Although Caputo’s is a good 20 minutes away, it is so worth the drive.  Today I bought 1 1/5 weeks worth of produce for $20.  It was nearly as satisfying as those Aldi trips we used to make in Belgium.  But the store is more than just the produce.  Walking in is like a mix between the crazy grocery store I frequented in Manhattan and any of the grocery stores of Europe.

No one is speaking English.  Even the music is unrecognizable to my ears.  There are fresh breads–some so fresh they they steam the bakery cases.  Half of the products have labels in another language and I have to make an educated guess from the picture as to what is contained inside.  The aisles are narrow and the people move too quickly for their own good.  They have Prince Cookies, Nutella, milk in a box, pasta in shapes I’ve never seen, sugar waffles, maria cookies, and strange British teas that make no sense to me.

I love it.  And in some weird way, I feel at home.



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6 responses to “Food for Less, Twice the Experience

  1. caffeinerd

    I really miss European grocery stores sometimes, even if my go-to meal was repeated about a zillion times: spinach & ricotta tortellini with some sauteed zucchini in a pesto calebrese sauce. It’s harder to find the fun Barilla pesto brands here. Well, I never have, but admittedly should try and look harder.

    And–although this might be an obvious statement–I also love fresh bread. That was definitely another meal-on-the-go in Italy…grab a loaf of bread for under a Euro (add cheese and a bottle of wine if possible)…done.

  2. You just found out about Caputo’s!?!?! FOR SHAME.

    Other than that glad to see you’re doing good.

  3. Maschinenbau

    I look forward to trying some educated guess meals!

  4. phampants

    local groceries stores are the ONLY way to go! glad you found one.

  5. thosewhocantdoteach

    Fun Family Factoid: No party is complete without at least one trip to Caputo’s. We don’t get Italian sausage from anywhere else.
    Have you gotten anything from their deli counter yet? I’d recommend the cheese, and definitely the olives (if you’re an olive person).

  6. milk in a box…

    but do they have milk in a BAG?!?!?

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