The Other KJ emails me today:

Not to be sacrilegious, …but, the thought came to my mind: “If Jesus was 2.0, would he be a twitter guy, facebook stud, or a blogger man?”

To which I responded:

Paaalease.  Jesus transcends time.  Of course he’s a 2.0 guy/God.

Let me get all Trinitarian on you here, but I think he’d come up with something that would wholly unite the three.  Like, a blog that also acted as a facebook page (perhaps linked through tabs) and streaming twitter updates.


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One response to “nerd3000

  1. My question is, would Jesus use Windows, Mac, or Linux? I think Linux, and here’s why: Jesus was the leader of a peaceful reform movement with a focus on sharing and community, where reproduction of the product was encouraged (think fish, or on a larger scale, spreading the word). At the same time, he preached to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, or in a modern context, give to Bill and Steve what is theirs.

    Way to stick it to the man JC.

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