Long story short, my second choice in a college was Knox College–a small, liberal arts school in the middle of no-where Galesburg.  Pretty much the complete opposite of the University of Illinois.

Things that I liked about the school were its emphasis on the individual student, its history, its ability to create your own cirriculm and the trust and respect it gave to students.  One thing that sticks out in my mind was that on exam day students picked up their exams and were allowed to go anywhere on campus to take it, and returned it within an allotted time.  Sure, you could cheat if you wanted to, but they trusted that you wouldn’t–and you were expected to live up to that.

I’m working on a project for library school and I am across this on their website:

Scores are Optional. The submission of SAT I or ACT scores is optional for most applicants. Knox adopted this policy so that you can decide for yourself if your scores adequately reflect your abilities and potential for success in college. In making this decision, Knox became the first national liberal arts college in Illinois—and one of just three in the Midwest—to make standardized test scores optional. To learn more, click here.

Wow.  I’m not sure whether to applaud or think it freakish, but I’m leaning toward applauding seeing how I loathed the ACT and GRE’s ability to prove my mediocrity.  But my point is this is huge. And so progressive.  I’m glad somebody actually took that step.



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2 responses to “WE ARE KNOX

  1. Maschinenbau

    I had a fellow summer camp counselor who was at Knox back in the day.
    I never minded the standardized tests much because, well, I’m the kind of guy who does well on standardized tests. Thank goodness they’re done though, right?

  2. phampants

    Too bad Boston College doesn’t see it that way. 😦

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