It’s my fashion and I’ll do what I want to

I guess I think a lot more about outfits and organizing and decorating than I tell myself.

Last week I bought some new sheets at Target (I only have winter ones!) and showed them to Sandy.  “I’ll need to get a new duvet…I was thinking brown or a light blue to match.  Generic enough, I don’t think it’ll be hard to find.”  To which she said, “It doesn’t HAVE to match.”  I promptly responded, “yes it does” in a grave manner that would have been better reserved for child who’s disappointed you.

In showing Stephanie a the dress I’m wearing to a wedding this weekend, she suggested that with all the red accessories the red coat would make a complete outfit.  To which I responded, “No.”  Pause.  That was mean.  She was just trying to help. I continued, “They are contradicting styles.  And one cannot go overboard with the red.”

Who made these rules, anyhow?  And why have I become the self-proclaimed authority?
I’m sorry I’m such a (well-matched and adorably decorated) snob).



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3 responses to “It’s my fashion and I’ll do what I want to

  1. I can’t wait to see pictures though =)

  2. Mom

    Speaking of snobs–Interesting use of the royal pronoun, “And one cannot. . .”

  3. Sheets have seasons?

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