You know you’re not actually a librarian, right?

When I worked at a library in college I sometimes called myself a “librarian” just to make it easier when I explained my job to others.  Somewhere along the way I stopped that practice because I began to recognize that it was kind of like calling myself a doctor when I was just a candy-striper.   And now, as a library science student I continue to struggle with the term.  Although I’m still a year away from my degree that certifies me as such, I have still been working to use the term “grad assistant” or “pseudo-librarian.”

But then I realized while watching Scrubs (as all good revelations come while watching Scrubs) that all the med-students on the show call themselves doctors, despite the fact they’re still in school.  This made me wonder if, as a person with six years of library experience and currently works in the field, could I, too, proclaim the title of librarian–or should it be saved for all its glory until after I graduate?



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4 responses to “You know you’re not actually a librarian, right?

  1. Personally, I have adopted the term Library Professional or maybe just Library Staff as I would hate to offend any “real” librarians. Proto-librarian is a better term than pseudo-librarian, IMO. Did you follow the discussion that ran through the library blogosphere about who is qualified to be called a librarian.

    Just remember, like the Velveteen Bunny…love is what makes you real.

  2. Paul

    Actually, they are doctors. The young ones are interns which is the initial on the job training they get right after they graduate and become “doctors”. Funny though, I’ve always thought of you as a librarian (Amy had to keep telling me your name was not Marian).

  3. phampants

    I’ve been calling myself “acting director of technology”.

  4. I like fauxbrarian myself, ha although now I am the real live thing
    (graduated with an actual job)

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