what kinna patois you speak’n there, girl?

Maybe it’s grad school.  Or all the living in my head I do.  Or the Grammar Girl podcasts.  Or maybe I’ve reached that point where my mind has found a heightened sense of intellect. (I hardly think it the latter)

But I’ve noticed that my writing style has changed (I’ve started using words like latter) and it has slowly seeped into my dialect as well, making me speak less like a college student and more like an elbow-patched professor.

My latest blunder occured yesterday when I met, for the first time, what a collegue of Kyle’s at the library conference.  We were collecting our posterboards and she had asked, “Are you going to be working on it here?”  Kyle told her no, he would be taking it back to the office.  She looked to me, “Likewise” I said.

They both looked confused for a moment….”uuuh, Me too.”  I corrected myself.

You’re an idiot.



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6 responses to “what kinna patois you speak’n there, girl?

  1. paul

    I find this interesting. Based on Max’s eloquent use of the words “dickens” and “trousers”, I’d say you two are on the same path…

  2. People have been teasing me because I don’t end sentences with prepositions anymore (Latin has done that to me). The other day, I said something like, “Is that the person with whom you’re going to the movie?”

  3. It wasn’t confusion – it was exhaustion. And we both know you are the eloquent KJ.

    You just wanted to hang out at the “Buehler” with me.

  4. phampants

    I use “colleague” instead of “co-worker” to describe the people I work with. My colleagues get a kick out of it.

  5. caffeinerd

    I find myself doing this a lot. Sometimes I think I was meant to be born in 19th century England.

    My worst habit is saying “valid query” instead of “good question.” I don’t even know when or how it started, but I can’t stop (…just wanted to type cease…).

  6. transubstantial

    sometimes we’re so much alike it’s weird.

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