Keep on keep’n on

I’ve been rather MIA since leaving Champaign last weekend (or, since March, really).  You’d think that ending classes would have positively impact a person’s schedule, but I’ve been working on putting my ideas together for a poster presentation at LOEX tomorrow.  My room is currently in shambles–piles from the semester, last week’s trip to Champaign, and the shopping trips I’ve made to update my shoe collection.  And if you know me at all you’ll know that this means I’ve been rather busy.

Next week I’ll be without classes or presentations.  I’ll working downtown and enjoying the joy of warm weather and the anticipation of the Holy Spirit’s decent upon the earth–sorry…I can get a little to Catholic sometimes.

New suit on.  Poster prepped.  Handouts made. Resumes printed.  Nerdy/chic librarian glasses.  Good to go.


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