still quaking

I made the executive decision to sleep with the window open last night and I distinctly remember waking up a number of times in a state of bliss at the feel of the breeze and the sound to the outdoors in my bedroom.

At one point, somewhere around 4:45 am I woke up to the feeling of my bed shaking. My immediate thought was that the wind had pushed the bed, which juts out into the center of the room. As I became more lucid I realized what a ridiculous idea this was. Perhaps someone had pushed the bed…wait…I’m the only one who sleeps in my bed. Was someone working on the house? Was there a need to use a jackhammer at 4am? That too was a dumb idea. Perhaps it was an earthquake? I eventually fell back asleep and didn’t think about it again until a few minutes ago, when one of my coworkers mentioned “This Morning’s Earthquake.”

An earthquake in Illinois, eh? I’m not crazy. I actually find it quite exciting.
I have to admit that I’m glad I hadn’t decided to sleep on the couch. The whole world might have imploded.



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3 responses to “still quaking

  1. Carly

    I slept with my window open, too, and thought it was the wind rattling the windows, until I realized my bed was shaking violently. I knew it was an earthquake…I’ve experienced one before.

    I heard Lynn call for me and ask what was happening. We wandered around the apartment for a bit, watching for anything on the news. She thought she’d heard our neighbors come out, so she poked her head in the hallway. Nothing. She joined me at the windows and mumbled “So that’s where the fire is!”

  2. I didn’t feel the earthquake at all. There are advantages to living in a basement…pink walls and safety from earthquakes and tornadoes.

  3. That makes this the second earthquake I’ve slept through.

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