And now for something completely different

I had a phone interview with a documentary film producer yesterday.  She found me as a result of the BUST article a few months back.  We talked about Mary’s Virginity and my feelings on female priests.  I have to follow up the whole thing with an answer as to how Mary was “concieved without sin”–something I hadn’t yet thought to ask myself.  It has resulted in my head stuck in the Catechism.

In short, the interview went well and I’m considering whether I want to follow it up with a camera interview…who knows what it’ll lead to.

And you’re right, I haven’t been updating much lately.  Nor have I been reading your blogs.  I have a lot to say, but it just isn’t coming out.  I’m also attempting to figure out what I’ve been doing to fill the time I’d normally be a social-network butterfly…and to be honest I don’t have an answer.  I’m not really very sure what I’ve been doing and where I’ve been.

But it is nearly spring.  Nearly.  And I’m almost ready to come out of hibernation.

Half-marathon count-down: 6 days.


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  1. caffeinerd

    Ooh a potential camera interview! Very exciting.

    P.S. I work in the Language/Literacy Lab with Carly S. and she said your Teen Vogue spread is coming out a bit later than expected? I will definitely be keeping an eye out.

    P.P.S. Funk obviously misses you.

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