i *heart* MG 4eva

I was on the train this morning, coming from out in the ‘burbs, when I looked over at the attractive man in the seat next to me. Another glance made me wonder if it was the very boy that made my junior-high heart flutter with glee. After a few more glances (is it? isn’t it?) he started talking on his phone and his voice confirmed it. It was totally Matt. I was determined to talk to him because just the week before Ashley and I had been discussing whether we would be making an appearance at our “Five-Year High School Reunion” (I know, right!?). Matt’s name had come up. Where was he now? Did he make it in the world or was he still living at home?

Once he hung up his phone I leaned over and got his attention. I could see in his face that he had slightly recognized me as well but hadn’t yet said anything. We exchanged our life stories and then when the train pulled into the station we went our separate ways. I, for one, was happy to finally learn what college he went to and what he does now. Being that he doesn’t seem to be hip to the Facebook I’d lost track of him entirely–thought it was a lost cause and my curiosity would never be satisfied. Not that I needed to know. I am just intrigued by what has become of so many of us.
I immediately called Ashley to relay the news. I screamed a little.


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