More than just National Library Month

This morning I was going to do a video for our vlog, but I have felt rather uncreative lately (as visible by my lack of writing on this blog as well).  I realized as I was getting ready for my run in the dark that February is getting to me.  It is taking its toll, and though I keep pushing though it is draining my spirit.  Something–I’m not sure what–is keeping me afloat, and if it weren’t for my great love of my work and all the ideas I’m throwing at Kyle for possible research topics I’m not sure what would keep me stimulated.  I’ve read heard it so much lately–from Christine, Fr. Tom, Erica, Jake–February is killer.

Upon realizing that I was in its grips I refused to let it get the best of me.  My momentary cure was to shake it off (physically) and continue putting on layer after layer to show those single digit temperatures I refuse to be dominated.

Of course, I haven’t stayed up past 9:30 even once this week.  No one mention that part, okay?



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7 responses to “More than just National Library Month

  1. Carly

    I wish I could go to bed by 9:30….

  2. barbara trumpinski-roberts

    Spring is right around the corner, sweetie…just keep telling yourself that. Be careful running when it’s this cold!

  3. phampants

    DANGIT! now i feel like an uber wimp cuz you’re running in temps below 20.

  4. Mom

    And remember, it was raining cats and dogs (please, do not take that literally) on the day you were born. That is less than two weeks away.

    You are very close to spring and re-creation–

    “Daughter, your running (sic) has saved you.”

  5. Mom

    Elliot said that, “April is the cruellest month. . .”
    I think, for you, it is February.

    Now. Get. Going.

  6. thosewhocantdoteach

    I’ve heard it said that February was made shorter than any other month because God is merciful and wise.

  7. Jake

    dude, SERIOUSLY.

    It’s March.

    *high five*

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