Thanks, Mary.

About an hour north of Champaign, a car full of Chicagoians, and nearly through the fourth decade, my phone started to vibrate.  I ignored it and continued to lead the Hail Marys.  It rang again.  And again.  The other passengers started to shuffle–turning off the rings from their phones as well, attempting the maintain focus.

“Alright, somebody answer it.  It is obviously an emergency if we are ALL getting called.”

Sandy spoke to Rena.  She asked me if we could turn back.  Aaron, who was in the car, had the only keys NOT locked in Stephanie’s car, which was in Champaign.  “Can they call the police?” I asked.  Aaron called his wife and the two conversed.  He then asked, “Does anyone in the car have Will’s number?”

“I do.”  I began dialing Will.  “But what will calling him accomplish?”

Aaron explained that Will was en-route back to Champaign, while we were heading north.  Perhaps we could give him the keys somewhere along the way?

“Will.  Tell me where you are.”
“I’m on I57 at mile marker 281.”
“Stephanie locked her keys in the car.  Aaron has the other set of keys.  He is in my car.  We’re at mile….279.  You’re coming up to Onagra?”
“Yes.”  I could hear him telling Terry, the driver, to exit immediately.

Just as they pulled into the parking lot of the 66 station we turned off the highway’s ramp.  Upon pulling in next to them we all jumped out of the car to exchange hugs and keys and went on our merry (and miraculous?) ways



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3 responses to “Thanks, Mary.

  1. Carly

    Wow. That’s incredible.

  2. maschinenbau

    Good story.
    And I didn’t think I was going to get to see Will and Terry last weekend. . .

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