Row’n time


By no means am I an expert at the row machine.  In fact, once while I was working out at my gym on the upper west side (westside!) an orientation tour came in to talk about the different machines.  I  tried to show off how well I listened during my own tour and how obnoxiously good I was at rowing.  The tour guide had to correct me, as I wasn’t sitting up straight enough. Burn.  Blow to the ego!  Need I remind you I am NOT a fitness person either…

That being said, you should sit up straight and pull the bar into your stomach, NOT your chest.  That was my mistake.  And when you pull, pull with your arms.  It is easy to get lax and let your legs do all the work.   Pulling should also be a fluid motion, not a large pull at the beginning that does all the work, then lets you relax for the rest of the stroke. Lastly, you get out of it as much as you put in.  You can just do your thing OR you can get a full workout.  Your call.  But I like it non the less.


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  1. transubstantial

    our’s isn’t a bar one! it has two separate handles that are linked together in a strange pulley contraption that looks like it will get easily tangled or one side will pull better than the other and I’ll get all lopsided. that being said, I think I’ll try it on tuesday.

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