Talking across the room/country

An interesting new communication dynamic has developed at the office.  In the past few days Brian and I exchanged screen names, which means that I’m now connected via AIM during the work day, which means that instead of having to shout the 30 feet he can now IM me.

This has also connected me with Josh, who works for us in another state.  He and Brian are are always talking to each other over the phone and chat.  And now I’m in on it.

We were dealing with a problem today that I had been doing the research on.  Josh was filling out the paperwork.  Brian was also putting in his two cents.  At one point I was on the phone trying to “say yes if this is correct” my way to solving the issue.  Brian was on the phone with Josh.  I was IMing Josh giving him updates on the situation as well as listening to Brian, who is in my plain-sight, ask Josh about the updates I was getting.  I would then respond with my own voice (!) to answer Brian’s questions that he was asking Josh about the situation.


In the end I wanted to give everyone high-fives for their efforts.  Josh’s would have looked like this: *high five.*


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