I have had two blender mishaps this weekend. You’re thinking, blender mishaps, what the heck? I know, right?

I made a smoothie yesterday and noticed spots on the wall above the sink in the same color as the aforementioned smoothie. So, somehow the smoothie jumped from the blender to the top of the cabinet door and wall. This doesn’t make sense, as the table upon which the blender is used is about four feet away from the sink, and more obviously, on the floor–not the ceiling. And yes, I use the sink to clean the blender, but at this point the glass pitcher is far from the motor and any moving parts that would tempt smoothie to fly to the top of the room. I have a picture for your review, although I’ve yet to discover if my Mac has a way to better edit photos, so I cannot point more directly to the crime:

Spots are on the right hand side of the cabinet, just below the top hinge. More reside above the colander, on the wall, pretty much even with the hinge–a considerable distance for any food to fly. Sandy and I sat around after dinner tonight trying to think of scenarios in which this could have occurred. Did you fling the spatula into the sink? Did you blend without the top? No…and no…. We’re still perplexed. And I have yet to wipe it off.The second mishap occurred after I unpacked my new toy. Mom gave me an immersion blender for Christmas, which is great for mixing drinks pureeing soups. It also comes with a number of attachments for whipping and processing food. I was taking a look at the food processor–so intrigued by the fact that you can turn the bland upside down for a different kind of cut–and thinking to myself be careful! The instructions said that blade is sharp. Man. It does look sharp. Dang. Just cut myself. Its probably pretty deep. Yep….that’s blood. And pain. Ouch. (it was here I realized that my inner monologue was being quite vocal.) You’re an IDIOT.


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2 responses to “kitchen-aid?

  1. Carly

    Maybe… when you rinsed it out, some of it splattered onto the cabinets from because of the water pressure hitting it? That’d have to be some crazy water pressure though…. Hmm. Very curious.

  2. Mom

    Good thing it wasn’t an apple corer; those things are deadly.
    Of course, only an idiot would cut herself on an apple corer. Twice.
    Last time I checked, You are not an idiot.

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