where I’ve been/not been

It isn’t that I don’t have things to write about.  It is more like I’ve been writing them in my head and then when I have a moment to actually write none of it comes out.  This is coupled with the fact that I’ve been quite busy lately, which seems strange because school JUST started and I haven’t had homework for the last few weeks.  And, as of Tuesday, made the decision to cut back from 3 to 2 classes, making it official that I’m a part-time student.

This decision comes after last semester’s constant feeling of being stretched too thin and floating through classes without getting much more out of them than what was brought to class discussions.  Realizing that paying for classes and not actually doing much with them is stupid, on top of the fact that the cooler KJ has really inspired me to publish and/or present at conferences and/or create podcasts and/or blog about being a librarian, I decided to take a deep breath and stay on for an added semester with the wiggle-room to actually read the assigned articles and perhaps even write one of my own.  Or, *gasp* read something of my choosing.

Right now I’m finishing up a John Bingham book about running.  He gets me, you know?  We run much the same.  Slow but steady finishes the race.   I’m also half-way through a Tolkein, though I suspect it to take me a bit longer now that I’ve started the semester.

Lastly, outside of traveling to Pennsylvania twice over break, I’ve been working like crazy downtown and loving it more than ever.  I’ve been getting a lot more responsibility and it adds pressure, but I also feel like I’m really helping the office function.  I pretty much open all the mail now–a job that sounds silly, but this means that I also process everything that goes with it too.  And I love it.

Half-marathon training starts on Saturday.  I hope you’re ready to run.  I even bought the tights.


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