I have boyfriendz

Thursday afternoon Green sent me a text telling me that he and Stranger were making dinner–more than the two of them could handle–and wondered if I would care to join them.

I can’t pass up an offer like that.

When I arrived the two of them were in the kitchen and pretty much wouldn’t let me enter, for they were busy spritzing the bread with lemon, blending the tomato cream sauce, and browning the salmon.  In the end, the display was well worth the effort:


Green describes this dish as Porcini mushroom coated salmon with a tomato cream sauce, tuscan risotto, and lemon butter garlic bread.

Then we played Wii and watched basketball.



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3 responses to “I have boyfriendz

  1. transubstantial

    holy crap. I need friends like that here.

  2. phampants

    i’m hungry now

  3. Wow… they did better than that mushroom vingrette chicken or whatever it was we made. I am ashamed. We will have to top this next time.

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