just try to stop me!

Somehow in my growings up my mom instilled a deep love for college campuses within me.  Even if you do not know anyone going to the school there, it is still important to soak in the atmosphere of such places, recognizing their academic integrity and physical beauty.  It is also important to find the library for the same reasons, if at all possible.

Visiting Philadelphia this past weekend, I became aware that I was only a few blocks from Haverford College–a school that serves as the Alma Mater for two of the women I lived with in Belgium.  They touted it as “the best liberal arts school in the country.”  I couldn’t pass something like that up.

Went for a run one morning after carefully plotting a course, about 4 miles total, that would lead me along roads whose names I could easily keep in my memory and through campus.  I had to approach it from the south, bordering its fenced and wooded edges as I ran.  In approaching the west entrance I was only a few hundred yards away when I suddenly became aware that I was in something of a Shel Silverstein poem and had to turn around because I had no intention of running without a sidewalk along a busy street.

Drats.  Foiled again.

I had not come all this way to randomly stumble upon a school who’s name I’d actually heard before only to NOT see it.  On a second attempt yesterday morning I noticed that the apartment complexes along the fenced edge shared the same name as the college and it would be illogical for students to have to walk several blocks west and north (much of which without a sidewalk) to get to class.  There had to be a back entrance…

I ran through the winding roads of the complex and at the very northernly area I discovered a brick-paved path that ran through the fence and on to campus!  As I ran through the woods I felt as if I had breeched security and entered encharted territories!  Ha!  You think you can keep me out of your intellectual dwelling!–You were SO wrong, look at me now!  Don’t try to get me, I’m RUnning!!

The truth is, being break (and early Sunday morning), the campus was deserted.  It was still and sleepy.  Security probably wouldn’t have even noticed if I’d brought an open bottle of liquor and a drunken stooper.  But it was worth all the fuss.  The place was beautiful and great for an early morning adventure.


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