kind of a big deal

The last day of work before I headed out of the city and home to my parents, I got a call on my cell phone that I took.  After being on the phone for nearly 15 minutes I felt I needed to justify the call to my boss.

I explained that it was the journalist on the (perhaps?) last article in a series of articles/interviews that have occured over the last year.  I of course went into greater detail and I could see the excitement and disbelief on his face over the subject matter.  When I cited one particular television segment I was in he stopped me.  “Wait, you where on that show?”

“Yeah.”  I said.  “YouTube it.”

He pulled it up and immediately noticed that he’d watched the clip many times before, in the days before he’d met me.  “I really like this.  I’ve seen it a ton before.  You’re really in it?”

He watched it, all 2 minutes and 7 seconds of its glory.  “I totally showed this at a conference last year!  In front of, like, 2,000 people.  I can’t believe that is you.”

It was as if my worlds had collided.  The Catholic sphere is so frigg’n small.


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