Because you thought to ask

Library post again. Hope you can handle it.

I started my first paying gig in a library as a freshman at the University of Illinois. Back then student workers in my departmental library were trained by a man whose title I still am unsure of. The training, to say the least, was thorough. It took nearly two weeks and although it seemed relentless then (I mean really, there is only so much talk one can do about shelving before you just have to take the reins) I admit that a lot of what he taught me has stuck. He always did explain over a dead horse but things such as Cutter Numbers, proxy patrons, what to do if someone tries using the fire door, how we should never give out the key to 509, that the 630.7’s are shelved in the compact stacks (that I was informed as to how to use), and that “librarians love statistics” continue to surface as I enter the profession.

On my third year of the job, after the staff recognized that they should give an aspiring librarian more challenging work, I was given a desk in the back and a cart of “gifts” to process. After a few months of this I became aware that my 10+ hours a week were not spent doing homework like the girls on the circulation desk. Perhaps after years of a few cents above minimum wage it was time I ask for a raise that might compensate for my extra efforts.

When I humbly inquired about this to my boss he gave it a few days of consideration. By the end of the week he sat me down and he explained (in painful detail) how the library budget is calculated and we discussed the possibility of a raise.

In the end I got an extra 10 cents an hour. That amounts to about a dollar a week. Less than that with taxes. I didn’t ask again.

Thanks. I guess.


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  1. Remember, you’re not a librarian for love of money, but rather for love of librariosity.

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