Noises Off/Nothing On

A few weeks ago I went to see the play “Noises Off” as performed by my university.  It was a great production and much needed laugh after a stressful weekend.  One of the women in the play did an excellent job in her role; she played a ditzy secretary who loses her dress early on and spends most of the play in her underwear.

Sometimes I see the actress in the library where I work.  Talking with friends.  Studying for finals.  Checking her email.  I so often want to tell her that she did a great job, but to be honest the only thing that ever comes to mind is the thought of me pointing and saying, “I’VE SEEN YOU IN YOUR UNDERWEAR!”

I’m probably the only one.  At least I can admit my immaturity.



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2 responses to “Noises Off/Nothing On

  1. Why, what was stressful about last weekend?
    Soooo glad you were there!

  2. KJ

    I don’t believe you. Need pics.

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