New Toys

Dad and I were sitting around a the day before Thanksgiving when, mid-sentence, he remembers that he has something to show me.  He retrieves a newspaper ad for Ace Hardware from the other room and returns with it flipped open.  He sets it on the counter and explains that come (Black) Friday morning the RC helicopter on page 3 would be his.  I laughed at the thought of him pushing old ladies at the hardware store to ensure that he got to the helicopter first.  I also laughed because this grown man, my father, was telling me that he wanted a radio-controlled helicopter.

We’d never been much of a family to go shopping on that Friday–in fact we avoided it at all cost–so I was a bit taken aback when he was gone post-Thanksgiving morning.  “Mom, where is dad?”  “Off at Ace getting that helicopter he keeps talking about.”  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one he’d discussed his plans with.  I also wasn’t the only one who wasn’t sure whether or not to take him seriously.

Soon enough the 2 foot ‘copter was charging its batteries in our living room and my dad was as giddy as ever.  Every time he left the room he was sure to inform my mom and me that he would be fully aware if we touched his new toy.

I wasn’t around for the test-run, and it is probably for the better, because it ended up landing on the roof followed by a crash on the deck.  My brother tells me he tried to jimmy-rig the thing with toothpicks or wire or something engineery.  When I asked him about it the next day the twinkle in his eye was gone as the helicopter was pronounced broken.

I look forward to what Christmas brings.



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3 responses to “New Toys

  1. transubstantial

    oh MAN that story is so sad. someone needs to buy him a RC copter.

  2. phampants

    aww. now i’m curious what would cause my dad to become a little kid again

  3. ahh, reminds me of my brother’s and my summer exploit with the 4x rebuilt, 5x crashed R/C airplane. The anticipation was better than the actual flying.

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