Are you cold?

I went to Fever Formal last night and I have to commend the men of the Fever House on their efforts and amazing ability to throw a party.

The truth is that I was not feeling so well. I started to come down with a stupid cold late on Thursday and by Friday I began stocking up on immunity vitamins. Come party time Saturday night I tried to pretend like I was fine. The night ended in me being loopy (not because of alcohol), hardly able to swallow, and nearly in tears because of all the muscle aches. Of course, I didn’t want to admit any of this because the party was so great. But it was more than apparent from my body language and near the end Mr. Hay forced me to sit down (thanks).

The last time I remember feeling this way was on tour 03. After our first show I started to feel it coming on but pushed through rehearsal the next day believing I was simply dehydrated and sore from sleeping on the floor. When I awoke in the morning I got up to take the ramps off the truck and admitted to Ryan that I couldn’t swallow and (surprise surprise) started crying. They took me to the hospital in Racine and I was told I only had a cold. ONLY? AND that I should stop marching. STOP MARCHING!? eff that. I did not take the doctor’s advice but I did sleep it off and missed rehearsal for a few days–not of my own will.

By the way, I’m sitting in Espresso in Champaign and someone has some serious perfume on, and if I can smell it despite my stuffed-up nose you KNOW it is strong.



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3 responses to “Are you cold?

  1. transubstantial

    oh, that’s sad.

    hope you feel better by next saturday!

  2. kittent

    What’s a Fever Formal and if you were in Champaign why didn’t you call!?

  3. kittent

    btw, check out the music of Jonathan Coulton.

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