Everything is political

I sat down for dinner in front of the TV tonight hoping to catch an episode of Scrubs or That 70s Show on any one of our 7 channels. I, of course, was unsuccessful but did start watching the highlights of the Republican YouTube Debate…and here is the crazy part: I actually was able to follow it. And CARED. Jeeze. Who have I become? There was even a point where I started clapping, but then realized how stupid I sounded.

The YouTube aspect also intrigued me. How very 2.0. If this makes no sense to you, what I’m saying is that “average” Americans submitted questions to the candidates via YouTube–which allowed people to have a direct connection with the candidates as a result of the web technology. Part of me is convinced the questions were planted, but it is nice to dream that I could make a difference, no? But really. Why YouTube? The questions asked were standard: war, immigration, abortion, belief in the Bible. I feel like it was a ploy to get younger users to watch because OMG! they’re using technology. How hip!

If nothing else, Anderson Cooper was a site for sore eyes.



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2 responses to “Everything is political

  1. Ashley

    CNN totally mucked that debate up. Ask Ruth. She informed me of this last night.

    Apparently, several of the question askers were not only Democrats (asking questions in a Republican primary debate…), but extremely active in Democratic candidate campaigns. The person who asked about why the military doesn’t openly accept homosexuals in the service – heads up a committee on Clinton’s campaign about GLBT issues. Also – that guy… not a Brigadier General in the military as he said.

    Apparently, these facts were easily found if you just typed his name into Google.

    “Journalism” is a scam.

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