You’re so vain. You probably think this blog is about you.

Over the summer I spent a week in the hills of New York helping to build a chapel for a Sisters of Life retreat site. It was a beautiful.

At the end of the week I pulled one of the newly first-professed sisters aside. “Sister, I have a VERY important question.” She put on her serious face, probably expecting to give a theological answer.

“Are you able to tweeze your eyebrows and shave your legs? Or, as a nun is that considered an act of vanity?”

She laughed and told me that a year ago, as she prepared to enter, she too had the same question. “I’m Greek and wouldn’t look like this if I didn’t have tweezers. Because we deal with the public and need to be relatable it is totally okay to take care of one’s appearance.”

I didn’t ask about underwear, though. Because I know that “I would really like to keep my cute underwear even if I’m the only one that sees it” is simply a stupid statement for a nun.

But. Now we know.


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