If you aren’t a runner might I suggest starting tomorrow.  The weather is ideal for a morning run.  The leaves are so brightly colored and cover the neighborhood streets, both above and below.  I find myself longing to stop and jump in the piles or pull the big yellow blanket that abounds up around me.  It. is. beautiful.  Warm enough not to chill you, and cool enough not to be bombarded by sweat.  I am excited to keep running through the winter, knowing that mornings such as these are training my lungs to accept the exchange of cool air into my body.  Soon it might be much more difficult, and I am up for the challenge.  But for now life is good.

Earlier in the week a fellow runner gave me the “hang-ten” signal as I passed.  I believe he was fully enjoying the colors of the season as well.  We’re friends, you know?


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  1. Ashlee


    And, you’re beautiful so you fit in well with the outside world.

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