lime and frozen, please

I failed to mention that I went home this past weekend. I gave my mom and dad strict orders a number of weeks ago NOT to change their usual Friday ritual of the local mexican place and margaritas.

They did not. And it was a superb night, with great times had by all.

I like that I can go home, and even though most of my stuff now resides in an apartment, I still feel like the bed in which I sleep is my own. And I will always be welcome there–even if “my room” happens to take shape somewhere else. I think it might have something to do with the fact I picked out the sheets.

They love me there. And I can always count on that, which is comforting for someone who can never seem to sit still.



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2 responses to “lime and frozen, please

  1. barbara trumpinski-roberts

    I love your family and I don’t even know them. They did good.

  2. Mom

    You are the best company.

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